These butt-kicking classes deliver a whole-body workout that builds strength and endurance. 


M & W @ 7PM T & TH @ 7AM

These unique, 50-55 minute circuit-style classes deliver a whole-body workout using high and low intensity impact training techniques, allowing you to burn fat, increase endurance and build strength.


M & W @ 6AM T & TH @ 6PM SAT @ 9AM

Our signature 50-55 minute class! Combining high intensity, time-based programs with slightly more complex muscle movements, Power Hour delivers a full-body workout that burns fat and sculpts muscle all while developing new workout skills. Think CrossFit without Olympic bars or gymnastics.

Power Hour Fundamentals


THE PERFECT INTRODUCTION TO POWER HOUR! These classes are focused on detailed instruction, foundational movements and proper form allowing participants to practice and master basic movements. Fundamental Saturday workouts vary each week! In these classes we focus on 3-4 different movements each week to support your continued learning and progression.