These butt-kicking classes deliver a whole-body workout that builds strength and endurance. 

Important Scheduling Reminders: Class reservations should be made 60 minutes before scheduled class start time to ensure coaches are present. 

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Our Boot Camp classes are designed to build endurance while achieving maximum calorie burn! In this class, we combine high-intensity aerobic & classic, calisthenics-based programming to deliver a phenomenal cardio workout without skimping on building muscle strength and tone. 

Workouts are focused on simple, uncomplicated movements to increase heartrate for accelerated calorie burn while building endurance to increase you energy level throughout the day. 

Using your own body weight, these fun and fast-paced classes include upper, lower and core strength movements for a full-body workout.  Every class is individually programmed and no two classes are the same! No boring, recycled workouts here! 


Every 6 weeks we offer a series of special 6-week workshops. Each series will have a common focus related to specific areas of the body or  working through common and/or individual physical limitations. The workshops are designed as a compliment to our regular schedule and are always appropriate for all fitness levels.  

Kettlebell Strength

The newest addition to our Group Fitness schedule! As the name suggests, this class takes advantage of the super-versatile kettlebell to deliver a full body workout. Each class begins with instructor-led simple movement. As participants master each movement, new movements are added to create a series of exercises designed to get your heart rate up and muscles pumping. This is a true group workout – all participants perform the same movements at the same time which adds a fun, challenging & synchronized energy to the whole class. 


Build that booty! This class will focus specifically on lifting, firming, strengthening & sculpting your butt! Appropriate for all fitness levels, we’ll spend a full workout targeting the glutes and andsurrounding muscles to burn fat and build muscle to give you more volume and projection & the butt you’ve always wanted! 

Core Plus

Want a flatter, tighter more toned midsection? Experiencing back pain, weakness or stiffness? Nearly everything we do relies on core strength and in this class, we give your core the time and attention it deserves! These core workouts are so much more than just crunches & planks. Core Plus employs dozens of effective exercises to target not just abs but the full set of muscles that combine to create your entire core midsection. Whether your goals are rooted in aesthetics or back pain relief, this is one class EVERYONE should take!

Classic Calisthenics; Sculpt & Burn

With a strong focus on rhythmic, & effective bodyweight movements this high-energy class seamlessly blends calisthenics for strength, agility and endurance with targeted exercises to ignite your metabolism and visibly transform your muscles. A dynamic fitness class bringing together a focus on form & reps using one’s own body weight as resistance.  Calisthenics is known for promoting functional fitness making it accessible to all fitness levels yet EXTREMELY effective for fat burning & gaining muscle strength & definition. 


This isn’t your Mom’s yoga class! 

Avid gym-goers, lifters and body builders experience unique challenges as a result of the continued performance they demand of their bodies. In particular, as we cause  muscle growth through strenuous exercise &  lifting, the newly formed muscle can be prone to tightness resulting to limited range of motion, soreness & even injury. 

Our Athletic Performance Yoga class is designed for gym-goers by a gym-goer. Instructor Robyn has hundreds of hours of both Yoga & lifting in her resume & she understands the unique challenges an athletic body can have. 

Whether your goal is to improve your squat depth, increase your shoulder range of motion, reduce tightness or relieve pain you don’t want to miss this monthly class.