Will PaSZek

Owner/Operator/NASM Certified

“I decided to open Will Power Community Fitness after a series of life events that left me searching for a higher purpose and a way to combine my passion for health & fitness with my desire to create community and help people achieve their goals. I spent my whole professional life working for large companies and as I got older, I became less motivated by corporate culture. After the death of my father, a difficult divorce and the end of my banking career leading customer experience, sales & marketing teams, I decided it was time to forge a new path.”

“My vision was to create a fitness community – a place where people who might not otherwise cross paths come together and find common ground through health, fitness, strength and self-improvement. The gym I had been going to became a huge part of my life and my workouts there got me through my most difficult times. I quickly discovered that the benefits of working out were way more than just physical. I found that when I brought a stronger, more confident and healthier version of myself to my daily life…every other aspect of my left benefited.”

“When I learned the gym that got me through my tough times was for sale, I knew that was the sign I needed to jump in and start a new chapter. I became a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, bought the gym…and Will Power Community Fitness was born.”


ACE/NFPT/Athletic Youth/Precision Nutrition Certified

Chris Ridenour has been in the fitness industry for 25 years. Combining his 25 years in the industry, his own personal fitness journey, BS in Kinesiology, he delivers top of class personal training experiences. Chris’s training philosophy is to develop a personalized training program for his clients. Then within that program making the proper progressions and adjusting that each client is ready for.

Nate Macaranas


“My favorite aspect of being a Personal Trainer is working with people with varied fitness levels. I’ve helped my clients achieve goals as unique as they: Losing weight, bulking up their upper body, building quads & glutes, improving agility & endurance, seniors who want to maintain strength & mobility to age in place….I can do it all! It’s incredibly rewarding to see my clients accomplish their goals and do things they may have doubted were possible for them. It’s the reason I love doing what I do!” 

“The gym can be an intimidating place sometimes, especially for new-comers or those who feel out of shape. I’d say my style as a trainer is doing my best to help my clients feel comfortable at the gym, confident in using different equipment and ultimately make them forget about their surroundings and focus on form & function.” 

Nate has been a NASM certified Personal Trainer for 2 years. His athletic experience started while he was in high school & discovered the endurance highs associated with regular exercise while running track and field. Soon he discovered a local gym and began his life-long passion of strength, physique & fitness. 


Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Director

After spending time exploring corporate America & the ‘typical’ 9-5 professional life, Whitney found herself feeling ungratified by her career path. She decided to join the Peace Corps and enjoyed exposure to different cultures, lifestyles and social priorities discovered the value of balance, community, self-love and hard work. 

As our Assistant Manager, Whitney brings a unique passion for physical fitness & nutrition coupled with a drive to grow our Fitness Community while helping every member achieve their fitness goals.

In her spare time, you can catch her showing off her 20+ years of experience on the soccer field or getting in touch with nature on a backpacking trip. 



Sufian is a double-certified personal trainer through NASM & ACE and holds PTA global & behavioral change certifications. His passion is to help change people’s lives through fitness. His approach revolves around setting simple & realistic goals allowing his clients to see consistent progress & results. He is a successful men’s physique competitor and is well-suited for anyone who is looking to build strength, muscle mass and improve overall physique.

James Pearson


“I’m not just your trainer: I’m your personal fitness sidekick. Together, we’ll make your fitness goals areality. Whether you’re new to the gym, returning to fitness after an extended absence or a seasoned pro, I’ll bring the experience, professionalism, accountability & motivation you need to find your groove & smash your goals! My training style is focused on relationship & trust building to ensure our time together is productive, informative & always tied to client’s goals. I’m not just about sets and reps; I bring the hype and the heart to keep you coming back & doing the work and pushing yourself to work harder.

Ready to sweat, smile, and stay consistent? Let’s do this!”

Bio: James is a self-described fitness enthusiast with training experience in both the military & private sectors. A NASM-certified personal trainer, he brings over 8 years of strength, cardiovascular health & weight training to Will Power Community Fitness.  His health & wellness knowledge extend beyond the gym as an incredible resource for diet & macro nutrition for muscle building & weight loss.  A Navy veteran, he’s on a mission to channel his  passion for health and fitness into helping his clients achieve & surpass their goals.  

Nataline Tuminaro