Will PaSZek

Owner/Operator/NASM Certification

“I decided to open Will Power Community Fitness after a series of life events that left me searching for a higher purpose and a way to combine my passion for health & fitness with my desire to create community and help people achieve their goals. I spent my whole professional life working for large companies and I was successful in achieving the goals I set for myself. As I got older, I became less motivated by corporate culture and a desire for something more meaningful began to grow. After the death of my father, a painful divorce and the end of my long career leading customer experience, sales & marketing teams at a top 10 U.S. bank, I decided it was time to forge a new path.”

“My vision was to create a fitness community – a place where people who might not otherwise cross paths come together and find common ground through health, fitness, strength and self-improvement. The gym I had been going to became a huge part of my life and my workouts there got me through some difficult times. I quickly discovered that the benefits of working out were so much more than just physical. I found that when I brought a stronger, more confident and healthier version of myself to my daily life…everyone around me felt the shift in me.”

“When I learned the business was for sale, I knew that was the sign I needed to jump in and start a passion project. I became a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, bought the gym…and Will Power Community Fitness was born.”