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At Will Power Community Fitness, we’ve built our entire business on the belief that everybody’s definition of fitness is different, relationships matter and hard work pays off.

While each of our goals may be different, the motivation, confidence and accountability that come with working with a NASM certified personal trainer will insure your short and long term fitness goals are achieved and surpassed. 

Being one of the only owner-operated gyms in all of San Diego, we pride ourselves in on creating a warm, friendly and welcoming environment where people of all fitness levels come together. Our constant focus on client experience means that we are here for you, every step of the way, on your fitness journey.

What to Expect

The decision of selecting a certified Personal Trainer is an important one. At Will Power Community Fitness, we hire only NASM certified training professionals (National Academy of Sports Medicine). It’s also important to have alignment between a clients goals & capabilities and a trainers personal areas of specialty/expertise. No matter your starting point or goals, we have the right trainer for you. 

We like to start with a brief initial consultation to ensure we pair you with the best trainer match. From there you’ll want to decide on the frequency of your training. We suggest a minimum of 2x weekly up to 5x weekly depending on the speed at which you’d like to achieve your goals and personal monthly budget. 

Your first session will be part consultation, part assessment & part workout. We’ll use our this time to dig deeper into your goals, previous fitness experience and any injuries or limitations clients may have. We’ll also perform some movement & mobility assessments to get a baseline as we prepare to write your early programs. After this first session, we’d meet with an agreed upon frequency with a focus on achieving your unique goals while keeping our workouts diverse, unique and rewarding. 

If you’re ready to get started or have other questions, we’d love to hear from you. We do all of our Personal Training consultations in person. Call us at 619-467-7457 to schedule and ask for Will. If he’s not available, we’ll take your contact info and he will circle back to you ASAP.


1:1 Personal Training

Single session – $70

12 sessions – $780 ($65/session)

20 sessions – $1200 ($60/session)